ZgPHP conference 2014 October 2nd, 2014. @ HGK, Nova cesta 7

part of Week of WebCamp

Three years ago, we started organizing Zagreb PHP user group meetings.
This is a way to say happy birthday and thanks to all members that have been a part of this awesome community.

We had a blast last year...

The 2013 conference blew our expectations. We had it all: amazing speakers, generous sponsors, perfect venue, plenty of food and drinks and most importantly great bunch of developers and web aficionados. You can read about impressions from Tihomir, Zlatko, Miro, Robert and look at photos that were taken by Neven.

Why not do it all again? Here is how you can become a part of this year's event.

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Conference is free, but seating is limited. RSVP so that we know who is coming. In case your plans change, please update your status so other can attend as well.



Ivo Lukač

Ivo Lukač

International Business Development at Netgen, eZ Publish specialist, eZ Publish Innovation Board member, eZSummerCamp and PHPSummerCamp organizer

Bruno Škvorc

Bruno Škvorc

SitePoint's Managing Editor for the PHP channel, and Developer Evangelist for Diffbot. Enjoys new, risky and cutting edge technologies. Makes up new timesaving apps and configurations in his free time in order to gain more free time.

Nikola Plejić

Nikola Plejić

Currently running a small development shop in Zagreb called Neutrino, I work on stuff that has an uncanny tendency to end up on the web. My weapons of choice include PHP, JavaScript, Clojure, Python, C#, and being aware that there's an entire world of other languages, technologies, and approaches to developing software out there.

Ross Tuck

Ross Tuck

Software developer, originally from the US and now living in the Netherlands for several years. Started coding in 2000 and now specializes in building web apps, primarily with PHP and Javascript.

Antonio Perić

Antonio Perić

Antonio is PhD Computer Science student in Split and owner of web and mobile development company Locastic who became a Symfony preacher himself after he found out that Symfony2 was the ultimate answer to the question of life, and not 42. He has been successful in implementing Symfony2 based locastic:CMS on large scale of websites.

Srđan Vranac

Srđan Vranac

I am a developer, consultant, mercenary (used to be known as freelancing). I lead a small team that works on various projects ranging from small family businesses to Fortune 500 companies. I write terrible code that performs exceptionally and currently I am wrangling elePHPants and Pythons.

Robert Šorn

Robert Šorn

Dad, husband, hacker. Occasional philosopher. Strategist. The good guy.

Tony Mrakovčić

Tony Mrakovčić

Experienced bug creator/solver. Currently the lead developer at Degordian, working in a faced paced, agile environment which requires a lot of focus on tedious details and end results. Enjoys simplifying things and coming up with practical solutions.


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Hello from organizers

Tony Mrakovčić: Ultra mega rapid development, a startup in 24 hours

Our experience from an attempt to develop a startup in 24 hours. The development advantages and disadvantages of this approach.

Nikola Plejić: HHVM and Hack: Might These Be The Droids We Are Looking For?

HHVM is a new implementation of PHP backed by a powerful interpreter and a JIT compiler. Hack is a new programming language targeting HHVM which augments PHP with a type system, proper closures, async capabilities, and many more. The talk will give a high-level overview of the features of both, outline the benefits of the alternative execution model brought by HHVM, and possible day-to-day benefits introduced by Hack.

Cofee break

Robert Šorn: Lets do Events

Is your domain full of events that are happening as users are doing stuff? Why not have them in your system? You'll be describing the real world of your domain better and easier. And you can get surprising benefits. Come and see how.

Bruno Škvorc: Getting paid to play with new technologies & the PHP community from an editor's point of view

A short introduction into the world of tutoring and general writing for the greater good of the PHP community and, of course, profit. Learn some interesting insights about the community at large and find out about the educational side of PHP, passive income, and monetization of knowledge. As a bonus, find out some gender, age, location and other stats of the readership of one of the most popular online PHP magazines and play with the raw data yourself.

Lunch break

Antonio Perić: Symfony2 + Angular.js

Forget about classic website where UX is not so important. We are living in time where usability is one of the important thing if you are building some business client oriented web service. How to connect Symfony2 as backend and AngularJS as frontend solution? What are best practices? What are disadvantageous? How to take best from both worlds? These are topics I will cover in my talk with real examples.

Srđan Vranac: Shifting gears with Gearman

Everyone starts with a simple one-machine setup, running PHP(or whatever else you fancy), MySQL/PostgreSql and Apache/Nginx. Sooner or later that will not be enough, and you will be faced with some important architecture decisions. This talk will show you how you can optimize and increase the performance of your application by distributing tasks in an simple and affordable way.

Cofee break

Ivo Lukač: The power of ESI and HTTP Cache for performant page delivery

For web sites with frequent content changes, like news portals, an optimal cache strategy is crucial for serving millions of page views. To just cache every page statically is usually not an option as editors want to see the changes immediately. With the new version of eZ Publish CMS, which is based on Symfony PHP framework, content caching is based on HTTP Cache. This enables much tighter integration with reverse proxies like Varnish and better control of cached pages. Also, Symfony provides ESI capabilities for controlling reverse proxy cache even on block level so invalidating a whole page is not expensive.

Ross Tuck: HTTP & Your Angry Dog

What is an etag, exactly? What's all that stuff in the Accept header? And what the heck does a Vary header do anyways?! Web developers use HTTP everyday but most of us don't know how to get the most out of it. This talk goes past memorizing status codes (although we'll see those too) and teaches how to get the most out of every request and response.

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HGK - Hrvatska gospodarska komora, Nova cesta 7, 10000 Zageb

Lecture hall is located at second floor, stairs and elevator access are right next to entry to Lidl grocery store.

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Luka Mužinić

Luka Mužinić

Miro Svrtan

Miro Svrtan

Ivan Habunek

Ivan Habunek